Beach Cities Invitational (SS) – March 23rd

Please also see contract document at the bottom of this page.

                   BEACH CITIES








Meet information for 2013 “Beach Cities Invitational”

This is 2nd year for the return of the Beach Cities Invitational

after many years of absence. We are working diligently

 to make this meet one of the best run and competitive

meets of the 20123season.We will be limiting entries to the first 25-

30 schools to enter.


Contracts are attached to this E-mail.


Entry Deadline – March 15- 11:59 pm


Meet Entry – will be done through                               

You will have until March 15 @ 11:59 pm to complete your entries.                                                                             

Each team will be allowed 3 entries per event per level excluding relays

There will be no name changes the day of the meet at the clerk of the course. 

Please fax over a contract to secure your teams’ spot at

the meet ASAP.

Divisions: Boys F/S and Varsity, Girls F/S and Varsity

Entry Fees – $150 per division or a max of $550 for all 4 levels. Or

                       $10 per person per event. $30 per relay.

Meet Directors:   Dick Degen 714) 745-7443—



Checks payable to:   Marina High School

                                   15871 Springdale

                                   Huntington Beach, CA 92649

                                   Att:  D.Degen    

Distance Events:   800m, 1600m,  3200

Jumping and Throwing Events-Shot put, discus,long jump triple jumpeach

                                                       Athlete will be allowed 3 trials. The final 9

                                                       competitors will be awarded 3 additional                       


Athletes admission—Athletes will have their hand stamped at the athletes check

in gate at the West end of the stadium. For admission to the stadium track athletes

must be wearing their uniform.


Awards – medals will e given to the 1st 6 places in individual events and for the 1st

3 places in the relays. Awards may be picked up from the infield area at the end

of the meet.Only coaches will be allowed to pick them up.

Scoring will be for the top 8 places in each event (CIF format).

There will be plaques for the Team Champions and runners up in all 4 levels.


Concessions – We will have a full concession stand.


Spikes – Spikes must be 3/16” or smaller. Additional spikes will be for sale at a

                table near the entrance of the stadium. The Clerk of the Course and other

                officials will be checking spikes.

T-shirts – will be available for $12 each

Programs – will be available for sale for spectators at the entrance of the stadium.

                     One program per school will be included in Coaches packet.

Athletic Trainers – will be available at  the East end of the infield. Athletes must

                                  provide their own tape and other supplies.

Track and Infield – Only those athletes that are participating may be on the track or

                                  infield area . Shot put coaches may be in the shot put area during


                                  Pole Vault coaches will be allowed in a designated coaches area

                                  During the pole vault competition.

                                  Please monitor your athletes through the day.

                                  Wristbands will be given to coaches who need to be in the shot

                                   put or pole vault areas.

Canopies –  Will be allowed only at the top of the North side of the stadium and on

                   The perimeter of the West warm up field.


Coaches Meeting – We will have a brief coaches meeing at 7:30 am on the infield

                                  near the timing canopy.Please make sure each girls and boys

                                  team is represented.


Thank You for entering the new “BEACH CITIES INVITATIONAL”      


Dick Degen

Dave Sanford

James Mance

Beach Cities Invitational
Time Schedule
Evt# Start Event Evt# Start Event
1 8:45 AM 3200m Varsity Women  33 3:53 PM 200m Varsity Women 
2 9:02 AM 3200m Varsity Men  34 4:11 PM 200m Varsity Men
3 9:22 AM 4 x 100m F/S Women  35 4:29 PM 3200m F/S Women 
4 9:28 AM 4 x 100m F/S Men  36 4:44 PM 3200m F/S Men 
5 9:34 AM 4 x 100m Varsity Women  37 4:59 PM 4 x 400m F/S Women 
6 9:40 AM 4 x 100m Varsity Men 38 5:09 PM 4 x 400m F/S Men 
7 9:46 AM 800m F/S Women  39 5:19 PM 4 x 400m Varsity Women 
8 9:56 AM 800m F/S Men 40 5:29 PM 4 x 400m Varsity Men
9 10:11 AM 800m Varsity Women 41 8:00AM Long Jump Frosh/Soph Men
10 10:21 AM 800m Varsity Men 42 8:00AM Triple Jump Frosh/Soph Women
11 10:39 AM 100m HH F/S Women  43 8:00AM High Jump Frosh/Soph Women 
12 10:51 AM 100m HH Varsity Women 44 8:00AM High Jump Varsity Women 
13 11:06 AM 110m HH F/S Men  45 8:00AM Shot Put Frosh/Soph Women 
14 11:15 AM 110m HH Varsity Men 46 8:00AM Discus Frosh/Soph Men 
15 11:30 AM 400m F/S Women  47 10:30AM Long Jump Varsity Men
16 11:42 AM 400m F/S Men  48 10:30AM Triple Jump Varsity Women
17 11:57 AM 400m Varsity Women  49 10:30AM High Jump Frosh/Soph Men 
18 12:09 PM 400m Varsity Men  50 10:30AM High Jump Varsity Men 
19 12:24 PM 1600m Varsity Women 51 10:30AM Shot Put Frosh/Soph Men 
20 12:38 PM 1600m Varsity Men  52 10:30AM Discus Frosh/Soph Women 
21 12:52 PM 100m F/S Women  53 1:00PM Long Jump Frosh/Soph Women 
22 1:07 PM 100m F/S Men  54 1:00PM Triple Jump Frosh/Soph Men
23 1:25 PM 100m Varsity Women  55 1:00PM Pole Vault Frosh/Soph Women 
24 1:43 PM 100m Varsity Men  56 1:00PM Pole Vault Frosh/Soph Men 
25 2:04 PM 1600m Frosh/Soph Women  57 1:00PM Shot Put Varsity Men 
26 2:18 PM 1600m F/S Men  58 1:00PM Discus Varsity Women 
27 2:35 PM 300m LH F/S Women  59 3:30 PM Long Jump Varsity Women 
28 2:47 PM 300m IH Varsity Women 60 3:30 PM Triple Jump Varsity Men
29 2:59 PM 300m LH F/S Men  61 3:30 PM Pole Vault Varsity Women 
30 3:08 PM 300m IH Varsity Men  62 3:30 PM Pole Vault Varsity Men 
31 3:20 PM 200m F/S Women  63 3:30 PM Shot Put Varsity Women 
32 3:35 PM 200m F/S Men 64 3:30 PM Discus Varsity Men 
    Event   Opening Bar
    High Jump Frosh/Soph Men   4-8  
    High Jump Frosh/Soph Women   4-2  
    High Jump Varsity Men   5-6  
    High Jump Varsity Women   4-6  
    Pole Vault Frosh/Soph Men   9-0  
    Pole Vault Frosh/Soph Women   7-0  
    Pole Vault Varsity Men   11-0
    Pole Vault Varsity Women   8-6  


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