Arcadia Invitational Heat Sheets! (& more!)


Below are the heat sheets as of this afternoon, as well as….

  • Updated School-By-School Entries By Gender (separate files)
  • Updated Schedule
  • If your athlete appears on your roster as accepted but does not appear in the meet program (the first document), that means he/she is still an alternate. We will fill in more lanes with alternates as more scratches come in.

​A reminder that we have added a third heat of the boys 3200 on Saturday night. That heat (very fast) is Race #52. Although it appears in the heat sheets as the last event on Saturday night, it actually takes place RIGHT AFTER Race #34. So the two heats of the Seeded 3200 are back to back.   


Download (PDF, 140KB)

Download (PDF, 57KB)

Download (PDF, 327KB)

Download (PDF, 345KB)


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